Why Us

Marketing is anything that can influence a person’s impression of your practice. Therefore, everything is marketing … literally everything. New Patient Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of marketing services proven to increase incoming call volume, while simultaneously increasing conversion. Our digital and external marketing services (web design, video production, social media, etc.) focus on getting your phones to ring more, while our internal marketing services (phone training, patient experience, patient communication, etc.) focus on improving conversion, referrals, and retention. When you combine the two, there is no better way to grow a practice and why our clientele increases revenue 20-40% in their first year with us.

Our program is more efficient and cost-effective for practices as it keeps them from having to use multiple companies to help achieve the same outcome ... Growth. Our robust and comprehensive program offers everything a practice needs to achieve (and maintain) record growth ... All in one place.

Commercial Expertise

Growing a practice today requires a different mindset, skill-set, and approach than in the past. With a savvy consumer and competitive marketplace, the commercial aspects (business acumen, consumer psychology, customer service, and more) of a practice must be performed at higher levels than ever before. Therefore, a practice must partner with commercial expertise in order to achieve ultimate success. This is another reason our solutions and client results are superior. Not only have we successfully grown dental, orthodontic and other alternative specialty practices across the globe, our team of experts has also been trusted by fine commercial institutions as well. These include Align Technology, Johnson & Johnson, GTX Corp, NASA and many others. This commercial expertise is invaluable for practices wanting to stand out from their competition and grow at record levels.

A Comprehensive Program to:

  • Work less and Make More
  • Increase your Brand Awareness, New Patients & Referrals
  • Increase Revenue, Efficiency & Profitability
  • Improve Treatment Acceptance & Conversion
  • Standardize and Improve Protocols, Processes & Procedures
  • Improve Compliance & Human Resource Documentation
  • Improve Employee Accountability Engagement & Preformance
  • Streamline & Scale more Effectively
  • Maximize your Success


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