Why Us

Healthcare practices (and consultants within) do the opposite of what famous CEO's have proven works to grow an organization to outperform competition. When you are faced with savvy consumers and a competitive marketplace, it is imperative you function like a high-level CEO to ensure the business aspects of your practice thrives.  

New Patient Group is a business dental management company focused on the changing landscape of the dental consumer and the dental profession. We exist for healthcare practices wanting to thrive in a competitive marketplace by performing the commercial aspects at higher levels than their competition. Our expertise provides a fresh, unique and much needed perspective, not previously available to healthcare professionals.

Our customized approach is proven to better enable a practice to:

  • Grow Revenue & Patients
  • Create a Culture of Success
  • Reduce Advertising Costs
  • Energize, Lead and Motivate Staff
  • Increase Efficiency & Profitability
  • Enhance your Brand and Generate Greater Awareness
  • Increase Patient Referrals
  • Outperform Competition
  • Become “Recession Proof”

We've changed the way healthcare professionals are viewing their business.  NPG has created a catchfire program that provides a new set of eyes for forward thinking doctors and staff members.

We've created a paradigm shift where our clients are outperforming their competition, experiencing record efficiency, profitability and growth.  Change the way you look at your business today.

A Comprehensive Program to:

  • Work less and Make More
  • Increase your Brand Awareness, New Patients & Referrals
  • Increase Revenue, Efficiency & Profitability
  • Improve Treatment Acceptance & Conversion
  • Standardize and Improve Protocols, Processes & Procedures
  • Improve Compliance & Human Resource Documentation
  • Improve Employee Accountability Engagement & Preformance
  • Streamline & Scale more Effectively
  • Maximize your Success


New Patient group

and start your journey.