Executive Team

Brian Wright

Brian Wright is a national keynote speaker and Chief Executive Officer of New Patient Group. He has helped thousands of people improve their business, their employees and their personal lives. He has a passion for improving businesses from the inside-out as well as educating, motivating and providing innovative solutions to ensure businesses to do it more innovative, unique and simply better than their competition.

Mr. Wright's executive experience has included roles as President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operational Officer and Director of Global Operations for both nationwide and global companies in and out of healthcare. His expertise includes consumer behavior and employee motivation pertaining to the biology of the brain, customer service, employee training through high-level verbiage role play training, business coaching, employee development, operational refinement, internal marketing, protocol implementation and executive coaching that teaches business owners how to function like a high-level CEO/Entrepreneur to ensure their business outperforms their competition.

A Comprehensive Program to:

  • Work less and Make More
  • Increase your Brand Awareness, New Patients & Referrals
  • Increase Revenue, Efficiency & Profitability
  • Improve Treatment Acceptance & Conversion
  • Standardize and Improve Protocols, Processes & Procedures
  • Improve Compliance & Human Resource Documentation
  • Improve Employee Accountability Engagement & Preformance
  • Streamline & Scale more Effectively
  • Maximize your Success


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