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Dr.Regina Blevins, DDS, MS

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Dr. Regina Blevins is the Lead Clinical Advisor of the Doctor Diamond Club. She is the owner of Minnesota Orthodontics, a top 1% Invisalign® Provider and the leading Invisalign® Teen Provider in the world. She is also an Align Technology faculty member and clinical keynote speaker.

The Benefits
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Our Doctor Diamond Club is a community of forward thinking Doctors and Office Managers wanting to grow their practice(s) by improving themselves and their staff, while learning innovative ways (both clinically and commercially) to remain ahead of, out produce and out perform their competition. Diamond Club Members want to maximize their clinical expertise, learn how to operate their business at higher-levels, want to get the most out of their staff and learn how to function like the most successful CEO’s/Entrepreneur’s throughout history.

The Benefits

As a member you receive an advanced education platform that allows you to receive and access all of the following from any Internet connected device. Many of the noted resources are live interactive sessions, while others are recorded and housed in your digital platform, available to you at the touch of a button.

  • CEO Innovation Series
  • Hosted by our CEO, learn innovative strategies to ensure your business outthinks, outperforms and out produces your competition. Learn how the finest CEO’s in the world motivate, lead and train their employees … How they grow their business from the inside-out to become “recession proof” … Learn high-level business strategies and protocols to ensure you your practice increases revenue, while becoming more efficient and profitable.
  • Doctor Round Table Series
  • Hosted by Dr. Regina Blevins, a Top 1% Invisalign® provider and leading Teen Invisalign® provider globally, this community of Doctors comes together to discuss a multitude of advanced clinical methods to ensure you remain ahead of your competition and provide your patients with impeccable clinical results.
  • Doctor & Office Manager Leadership Podcast Series
  • Stay up to date with the latest industry news and information, while listening to interview podcasts with leading Doctors and Office Managers from across the nation.
  • Officer Manager Series
  • This series is dedicated specifically to the wonderful office managers out there as we have great admiration for the job you do. We created this community of office managers to help facilitate a multitude of educational trainings to help you do your job at the highest levels possible. This series incorporates both live and recorded webinars, high-level business and leadership topics and more.
  • Invisalign® Series
  • Hosted by both our Chief Operational Officer and Dr. Regina Blevins, this series focuses on advanced methods specifically focused on growing your Invisalign® Practice. This series will increase your Invisalign® treatment starts and practice revenue, while utilizing innovative strategies to become more profitable with each case.
  • Profitability & Revenue Series
  • This series focuses on innovative ways to grow revenue, while simultaneously improving your profitability so you can put more money in your pocket.
  • In-House Training Video Series
  • This series brings in our in-house coaching program directly to you. Watch our VIP Coaches work with staff members across the nation to better their customer service abilities, verbiage and presentation skills, while implementing proven protocols to increase treatment acceptance, referrals and revenue.
  • Book Recommendations
  • The most famous and successful CEO’s/Entrepreneurs in the world have many common traits. One of those traits is they are constantly reading books (or listening to audio books) that help them remain on “top of their game.” Our book recommendations are proven to improve your
  • Self-Improvement and Team Building Series
  • This series is dedicated to self-improvement and team building. Watch videos proven to better your skills as the owner of a business, while helping you create the finest team imaginable.
  • Keynote Speaking Events
  • Watch keynote speaking events from across the nation on array of high-level initiatives all from the convenience of any Internet accessible device.

Diamond Club Members consistently outperform their competition, while remaining ahead of consumer demands to ensure their practice thrives.

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