New Patient Group provides the most comprehensive social media marketing and management program for your practice or facility. We pride ourselves in customization and consistency to ensure your practice maximizes results and success.

Welcome to our Social Media Success Suite

An advanced social media management program and platform designed to engage consumers to interact with your practice online, pick up the phone and call you and refer more consumers to your practice. Increase your brand awareness, value proposition, online search results, new patients, referrals and more.

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Assigned Social Media Coach & Expert

A dedicated expert assigned to your practice to ensure:
Attention to Detail. Accountability. Customization.
Consistency. Direction. Execution. Staff Engagement.
Proper Implementation. Personalization. Value. Success.

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Customize. Manage. Post. Monitor.

Every social media platform has a different purpose, demographic and means to success. Therefore, posts must be customized and targeted to each specific social media platform. Our social media program does exactly that and more. Receive customized content, videos, photos, contests and more specific to both your practice(s) and to each social media platform. This advanced method of social media marketing is proven to increase consumer engagement, brand awareness, value proposition and more. This leads to increased call volume, new patients and referrals.

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Customized Assignments, Summaries & Progress Reports

Every week you will receive a 'game plan' that includes customized marketing assignments for your team to execute. These assignments are prepared and outlined on your behalf allowing you to run your practice and our team of experts to provide the accountability, consistency, direction and execution needed to ensure success. We build an entire success program that showcases the personalities of you and your staff, the clinical expertise you provide, the value your practice offers and more. Monthly summaries and progress reports are delivered so you have visibility of your progress.

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Content Consumers Will Love.

Customized article building and content creation that engages consumers to like, share and become engaged with your online presence. Content that is customized to you, your staff, the treatments you provide, the experience your practice offers and more. We build an entire success program around your specific practice, the treatments that generate the most revenue (and profit) and more.

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Become a YouTube Star!

Video production is the #1 way to engage consumers to interact and become a part of your practice. Videos are also the #1 way to increase search engine rankings, as Google owns YouTube. Receive 48 customized videos per year (per team you have) instantly putting you in the top 1% in video production pertaining to healthcare practices.

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Waiting Room Marketing Program

Transforming your patient waiting room into your own personal education, sales and marketing force. Vastly improves your patient experience and treatment acceptance.

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Doctor Referral Marketing Program

Innovative strategies to build, create and maintain doctor to doctor and employee to employee relationships to vastly increase doctor referrals to your practice.

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Our HD Custom Web Design Package Includes:

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Custom Design (No Templates)
  • High-Definition
  • Exclusive Photo Images
  • Press Release Technology (Replaced Outdated Blogs)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Hosting
  • Professional Email Account (@YourPracticeName)
  • Custom Logo Design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We use the best search marketing practices for getting your website in the top 1% on all major search engines...


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