Dr. Brian Loftus
Dr. Trevor Barton

"Ok, here is the deal ... Think outside of the box. You can choose a consultant or you can choose to partner with true business and marketing experts that have helped make people millions in all professions (both inside and outside of healthcare). For me, I want to find business experts that know how to motivate, lead, train on the skills necessary to become what they call "recession proof." If you want a consultant go get one ... if you want a program that becomes a part of your practice for life .... New Patient Group is the company for you!"

Dr. Charles Salha

"I've been working with this company for a year and a half and as a result we are practicing dentistry differently. The transformation of the patient experience along with the rigorous team training and role-playing the the practice has improved greatly. If your practice is stagnant or you're ready to try something truly different call them!"

Dr. Marco Navarro
Dr. Ann Haggard
Dr. Rodney Rayburn

“New Patient Group is dedicated to getting the job done for your practice. My numbers are way up. My staff is focused and taking ownership. We are now dealing with the problems of how to handle doing all this dentistry and taking care of all the new patient referrals......nice to have problems like that.”

Dr. Brad Leiker

"My orthodontic practice enlisted in the services of New Patient Group about 9 months ago. We are still implementing changes to our new patient experience and presentation and are continuing to see improvement in our new patient conversion ratio as well. They are also handling our website and social media marketing. We have had a significant increase in Internet-based referrals and have had multiple compliments on our new web site design. Overall, we are happy with the results we have seen to this point and are excited to move forward with New Patient Group."

Dr. Mark Hablinski
Dr. Robert Stewart

"New Patient Group helped double my new patients from an average of 23/monthly to 46/monthly in less than one year. My practice also reached Invisalign's Premier Level Status for the first time ever and we have been doing Invisalign for 10 years."

Dr. John Garza
Dr. Heather Brown

“They have helped me implement new policies and protocols that have proven beneficial to both our patients and our office. I will reach Invisalign top 1% for the first time in my career this year as well. They have exceeded my expectations and I am very happy with the services I have received from this company.”

Dr. Robert Taylor

"There staff training and HR business platform comes with preloaded and proven staff training videos, job descriptions, invaluable content, protocol implementation instructions for literally every single protocol you can ever imagine. It even has clinical solutions that has vastly improved the efficiency of my clinical staff. It really takes staff training and accountability to an entirely different level and has transformed my practice into a money making machine; but more importantly, my patient care has never been better because my employees are all on the same page, highly trained, and so much more because their program and digital platform has allowed me to standardize my office protocols and hold my team accountable for actually following them! My patient referrals are off the charts and our numbers are skyrocketing … Great work guys!"

Dr. Tracy Petry

"Our office has been working with New Patient Group for about 2 years now. We have seen an increase in both production and collections during this time. The role playing that we do with our staff greatly increases our staff confidence when speaking to patients. Our staff morale and motivation has also improved. I do highly recommend them."

Dr. Lori Logan

“We have been using New Patient Group for about 6 months and so far I can say I would highly recommend them. They are truly passionate about what they do and it really shows. They have helped us with improving our communication with our patients and have helped create more organized systems. They have a protocol for literally every single system in a dental office.”

Dr. Marco Navarro

"Paying multiple companies to do multiple things always drove me nuts especially when not one of them worked with the other to ensure my orthodontic practices grew. I love the fact I get to pay one company to handle everything I need to grow and because they do it via a membership format I get all these amazing solutions packaged together and no other company can remotely come close to the value they provide! They will grow your practice and grow it big!"

Dr. Mark Hablinski

“I can honestly and wholeheartedly recommend New Patient Group as they have far surpassed my expectations. Our production increased over $220,000 the first year and we are above that threshold so far this year. More importantly, they truly have us in their best interest and they are always available at our disposal 7 days a week. They are the real deal and I urge you to at least try them for a while”


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