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Increase Revenue 20-40% Per Location

in six months or less ...
while eliminating ALL External Marketing Costs

World-Class Business Coaching to Help Dominate the New Economy.


MasterMind Members - Our Next Virtual Meeting is in:


Improve your culture via exceptional leadership and entrepreneur skill-sets. 

  • Business & Life Coaching
  • Accountability, Consistency & Implementation
  • CEO & Entrepreneur Skill-Sets
  • Data Tracking, Cash Flow & Profitability Analysis
  • Job Descriptions & Bonuses
  • Virtual Consultations & Digital Workflow

Video courses and/or private coaching sessions on all the following and more:

  • Time Efficiency Strategies of Billionaires
  • Leadership & Culture
  • Job Descriptions & Bonuses
  • Employee Performance Indicator's
  • Motivating & Leading GenZ & Millennials 
  • Business & Marketing Online Entrepreneur Degree Program

Leadership & Culture Coaching

Ensure the business aspects of your practice thrive in the new economy of competition with the following options:

Virtual Client

Receive instant access to the online course(s) of your choice via our NPG University™ Platform.  Apply to become a part of our popular NPG MasterMind™ Group to help with implementing your video courses. 

Private Client

Receive an assigned VIP Coach that works closely with you and your team via monthly private online and/or on-site coaching sessions. Receive full access to our NPG MasterMind™ Group and all of our  online courses.

NPG MasterMind™

Receive access to our popular NPG Mastermind™ Group for unique business and clinical tools, online coaching and monthly meetings with forward-thinking doctors wanting to be the best clinician and entrepreneur.

Dr. Sarina Tinnel

"NPG has helped us tremendously ... 

with patient and employee engagement. They have also transformed me as a business owner by helping me achieve an entrepreneurial mindset that consultants in healthcare just cannot help with.  NPG is spot on with everything they do and teach."

"Brian and NPG have been life changing for my business ...

Brian's business mindset is quite different than most healthcare advisors, which is what makes him so effective. My practice has grown double digits with no external marketing, my digital presence is awesome and my team has never been more cohesive. Thanks Brian!"

Dr. Bob Skopek

Dr. Robert Barton

"I just wish I was taught this stuff in school ... 

These courses cover some amazing entrepreneur, business and marketing expertise applied to the specifics of my practice. We have grown so much by having the visibility of statistics other practices do not have and the overall buy in that my employees now have with everything I want to do with my practice.  These teachings by New Patient Group have really opened my eyes to a better way to set and achieve goals, bonus employees, manage my time and just operate a better business. It is one of the best investments I have ever made in my career and I highly suggest  New Patient Group."