Dental Receptionist Phone Script – New Patient Phone Call Training

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Having a dental receptionist telephone script is extremely important; however, the training behind it far supersedes the dental receptionist phone script. A common mistake is to throw a dental receptionist phone script in front of a dental receptionist and somehow think that is going to improve their performance.  From our experience a script can actually hurt performance without the proper training to turn the scripting into an actual flowchart. 

This video provides an overview of how to turn a dental receptionist phone script into a flowchart, while also going over our six steps to the new patient telephone call training. Our new patient phone call training is designed to increase your new patients while spending less time on the phone.

This training is utilized by five-star organizations specializing in customer service and conversion.  We have applied the philosophies and customized them into a powerful dental receptionist phone script that comes equipped with expert training to ensure your dental receptionist provides an improved patient experience and converts more new patient phone calls into new patients on your schedule.  We are proud to bring this new patient phone call online training to the convenience of your dental practice via any internet-accessible device.  It is all about new patient phone call scripting and proper new patient phone call training that will improve dental receptionist performance in order to convert more new patients.

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