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What You'll Learn

Course Curriculum
  • Let’s Get Started

  • Introduction

  • Apathy

  • Insurance Dilemma

  • Anchoring Bias

  • Sticker Shock

  • Down Payment Dilemma

  • Trigger Words

  • Information Overload

  • Personal Bias

  • The 0% Interest Dilemma

  • Lack of Flexibility

  • Take Action

  • Introduction

  • Trusted Partners

  • Same Day Discounts

  • In-Office Plans w/ Interest

  • In-Office Plans w/out Interest

  • VIP Layaway

  • Take Action

  • Introduction

  • Prestige Pricing

  • Charm Pricing

  • BOGF Pricing

  • Comparative Pricing

  • Visual Pricing

  • Take Action

  • Introduction

  • The Challenge you Face

  • The Consumer Buying Cycle

  • Important Psychology Pricing

  • Learning to Think Like a Consumer

  • Consumer vs. Practice Financial Considerations

  • How to Double your Cash Flow

  • Coming Prepared and Confident

  • Dual Close

  • Take Action & Exam

  • Introduction

  • How the Conversation Flows

  • The Good News Is …

  • The Dual Close

  • Paid in Full

  • Low Monthly, The Setup Statement

  • Low Monthly, In-House Game Plan

  • Low Monthly, Trusted Partners

  • Low Monthly, Two Popular Options

  • Low Monthly, The Patient’s Choice Part 1

  • Low Monthly, The Patients Choice Part 2

  • Coach Eric Demonstration

  • Take Action & Exam

  • Introduction

  • Five Steps to Overcoming, “I Need to Speak with my Spouse.”

  • Three Steps to Overcoming, “Does this have Interest?”

  • Flow Chart - The Financial Presentation


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Brian Wright

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Marcus Lemonis from The Profit.”
– Dr. Staci Frankowitz

Eric Field

Lead VIP Coach and Chief Operational Officer NPG

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