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Course Curriculum

Communication with today’s modern orthodontic consumer requires breaking away from traditional financial presentation methods. New Patient Group will help you appreciate how the consumer makes buying decisions, through psychology and leveraging that knowledge into your presentation… allowing you to increase your patient conversion rate and cash flow!

Your orthodontic treatment coordinator team will be empowered to be seen as an advocate that the patient trusts, while leveraging options that are beneficial to the practice. That’s the TRUE definition of 5-Star Customer Service, where both parties are excited to get started. Begin today as NPG provides sales, presentation, and customer service skills essential to your practice’s success!

  • Let’s Get Started

  • Introduction

  • Apathy

  • Insurance Dilemma

  • Anchoring Bias

  • Sticker Shock

  • Down Payment Dilemma

  • Trigger Words

  • Information Overload

  • Personal Bias

  • The 0% Interest Dilemma

  • Lack of Flexibility

  • Take Action

  • Introduction

  • Trusted Partners

  • Same Day Discounts

  • In-Office Plans w/ Interest

  • In-Office Plans w/out Interest

  • VIP Layaway

  • Take Action

  • Introduction

  • Prestige Pricing

  • Charm Pricing

  • BOGF Pricing

  • Comparative Pricing

  • Visual Pricing

  • Take Action

  • Introduction

  • The Challenge you Face

  • The Consumer Buying Cycle

  • Important Psychology Pricing

  • Learning to Think Like a Consumer

  • Consumer vs. Practice Financial Considerations

  • How to Double your Cash Flow

  • Coming Prepared and Confident

  • Dual Close

  • Take Action & Exam

  • Introduction

  • How the Conversation Flows

  • The Good News Is …

  • The Dual Close

  • Paid in Full

  • Low Monthly, The Setup Statement

  • Low Monthly, In-House Game Plan

  • Low Monthly, Trusted Partners

  • Low Monthly, Two Popular Options

  • Low Monthly, The Patient’s Choice Part 1

  • Low Monthly, The Patients Choice Part 2

  • Coach Eric Demonstration

  • Take Action & Exam

  • Introduction

  • Five Steps to Overcoming, “I Need to Speak with my Spouse.”

  • Three Steps to Overcoming, “Does this have Interest?”

  • Flow Chart - The Financial Presentation


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Brian Wright

Founder & CEO New Patient Group.

“Brian Wright is a combination of the team from Shark Tank and
Marcus Lemonis from The Profit.”
– Dr. Staci Frankowitz

Eric Field

Lead VIP Coach and Chief Operational Officer NPG

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