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Hi, everyone. Wow, July was interesting. I am traveling to Manhattan quite a lot now as I am working closely with a couple practices there that have made the full commitment to our on-site coaching program.  It was hotter there last month than it was in Houston where I live. What in the world?  On a quick personal note by daughter had her first dance class today (if you can call it that when they are two year old ... I personally think a better name would be a "run all over the studio with no coordination" ... but that is just me :). 

I had a very weird incident occur in a Manhattan hotel this past month where even the hotel management team even wanted to come to my room to take pictures.  Ok, if you are eating right now ... You have been forewarned to STOP!  I am sitting in bed and feel something in my ear so I go to feel what it is and out drops this very weird looking bug that nobody could figure out what it was.  I have pics but chose not to post them.   For those that didn't stop eating when I told you above ... I do not feel bad for you, ha. Anyway, now to the great part of the trip :). 

I have always said the best part of my job is working closely with clients with our on-site coaching program.  I always become so close with them and we create such wonderful, long lasting relationships. Most of my closest friends are people that have used our on-site coaching program.  You get to know each other so well both on a business and personal side.  It is such a great honor to have people look to you to grow their business as there really is nothing like it.  I actually attribute the success I have had in my career of growing businesses to the simple fact that I care.  I truly love seeing the looks of people when they see their business accomplish great things.  I had a great time with Dr. Bukholts and her family. What a beautiful place they have in Manhattan and such a great family .... darn good cooks too :). For those of you that really know me you know that I am cooking obsessed.  I love the art of it.  The whole thing has always amazed me. You know the restaurants that plate the food so well each table looks at it when the waiter walks by?  That is exactly what we do as a company in regards to growing a practice.  We want every single thing you do from Point A to Point Z to be "plated" so well that the community is turning their heads at you constantly, buying more expensive "meals" and you get the point :).  The story you create is a brand of excellence and that is not done easily but it a necessity in today's competitive marketplace.  This pertains to how your digital marketing performs, how your employees are trained and how you perform as a CEO (and office manager). 

I also put our most recent podcast underneath my bio below and I highly suggest listening to it as the same thing happening to the doctor on the podcast is happening to you.  The difference is he knows it and you might not.  I also have added our free report on the new patient phone call for those of you that do not already have it.  Just complete the form and we will send it to you.  I hope you have a great week and enjoy the videos and podcast.  Here's to your success and talk soon!


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