Placing your Business on Automation

An all digital platform designed to solve the biggest headache all business owners and leadership teams have … Hiring, Training & Onboarding.

Office Automation Platform

Automate Your Business Growth! Transform Your Headaches Into Dreams With Our All Digital Platform That Automates Your Employee Training, Onboarding And More

Transforming Headaches into Dreams!

A platform that solves the training and onboarding nightmares business owners and their leadership teams face.  Automate your Business Growth! Transform your headaches into dreams with our all digital platform that automates your employee training, onboarding and more into an interactive video based experience. Take accountability to the next level with the ability to create test questions following each video course that automatically documents and notifies you of the results. Utilize our white glove service that works closely with you to document all your systems, protocols, training and more. We then visit your practice with professional videographers to transform your analog based training into video based curriculums that end the need to ever repeat yourself again! 

Unique Online Tools that Place your
Business On Auto-Pilot

Training Curriculum

Receive over 250 hours of pre-embedded video training content and interactive employed testing

Digital employee checklist

Create your own fully customized digital employee checklist system and it automatically reassigns daily responsibilities

Communication Center

Centralize organize and customize employee and leadership team communication through Jed trades and individual messaging

Progress tracking

Fully customizable data dragging Santander provost invaluable in size to employee performance by identifying weakness and building upon strengths.

Employee training curriculum

Create your own fully customized video based employee training curriculum with interactive testing

Digital office Manuel

Document systems and protocols via video, pdf, audio files and more with fully digital and interactive office and employee manual

Digital task Manager

Increase efficiency by creating your own fully customized digital task scoreboard to assign tasks, projects and responsibilities.

Human Resources Suite

Receive unique online tools for better employee performance and automate your documentation as every employee keystroke is documented automatically

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