Patient Experience – How to Create a Story of Excellence

Today's competitive marketplace represents a unique opportunity for those that take advantage of creating an innovative consumer experience via every touch point a person has with your practice.  This does not mean being nice and smiling.  That, of course, is part of it but we are discussing something that dives far more in depth.  Something that is outside of the healthcare consultant expertise.  The following "story of excellence" paints an image of that patient journey from acquisition to conversion to referrals and more.  It also showcases why our clients do so well with the following statistics and an important testimonial too. Also, make sure to read all of this as we have a special gift for you at the end. 

The new patient experience begins by creating an online brand of excellence that dominates the competition and shows people searching online why your practice is the place to be. Custom web design, social media, YouTube marketing and more built around the personalities within your business just like a custom home.  We make sure everything you do online represents a user experience that is unique, customized and tailored around giving people the finest online experience imaginable.  This leads to an increase in search rankings, online exposure, conversions, incoming call volume and lessens the need to spend money on pay-per-click advertising. 

Our employee training continues the story with training that pertains to the new patient phone call, new patient experience, financial presentation and more.  The comprehensive training focuses on 5-Star Customer Service, Verbiage, Presentation Skills and many more items that give your employees an invaluable skill-set required in today's competitive marketplace.  This all ensures people receive an innovative, unique and exceptional experience via every aspect of the appointment process inside your office.  This leads to increased conversions, efficiencies, revenue, referrals and lessens the need for outside advertising costs.  We bring our famous employee training to the convenience of your office via any internet accessible device via online training videos, mystery shoppers and webinar coaching sessions.  These are all available for instant purchase on our online store.  In addition, we also offer VIP On-Site Coaching Sessions.

Our management training brings everything discussed above and ties it all together to create an organization that is forever on growth auto-pilot.  Our comprehensive management program focuses on business coaching, entrepreneurial coaching, culture building, proper statistical tracking, time efficiency strategies of billionaires and much more.  It also provides you with the necessary tools for improved accountability, oversight and implementation. This all leads to a culture of success, employees that are motivated to follow defined systems, less stress on you and a superior experience for your patients.  We bring our famous management training to the convenience of your office via any internet accessible device via online training videos, mystery shoppers, and our famous Practice Virtual Platform™.  These are all available for instant purchase on our online store. In addition, we also offer VIP On-Site Coaching Sessions.

We invite you to allow us to create a story on behalf of your practice(s) that your competition (both in and out of healthcare) cannot compete with.  Grow at record levels, convert more lost opportunities, have better insight to your business, reduce stress and spend far less than your competition on outside advertising.  Crush the competition with the Three Pillars to Business Success ... Digital Marketing ... Employee Training ... Superior Management. Contact us today and here's to your success!


3 Essential Strategies to Accomplish on Every New Patient Phone Call

It is our mission to help as many doctors, office managers and employees across the world thrive in a competitive marketplace.  The first step is the lifeline of your practice(s) and that is your phones.  The phones are an epidemic inside the practice environment that cost practices six figures in production loss every year (per location that is open four plus days a week) for literally hundreds of reasons.  These loses are occurring without many practices even knowing it.  Therefore, we are giving you a multitude of items for FREE that will help transform your phones, your receptionists and your business.

Learn invaluable information that will instantly help you convert more calls into new patients, increase revenue, same day starts and so much more.  Receive our free report, an invaluable script to place by your phones and we are even giving way a mini video course take from our popular Receptionist Certification Phone Training Course™.  Just complete the form below, submit and we will deliver these FREE gifts straight to your inbox.

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