Transform your Receptionist into the Ultimate Conversion Machine

Advanced phone training proven to increase new patients, same-day starts,
revenue, and more! Competition Creates Shoppers. We teach how to turn
them into value-based buyers.

What You'll Learn

Course Curriculum

This 8+ hour receptionist phone training course will take your receptionist team on a journey of transformation, ultimately making your new patient phone call unique in so many ways! With an ever-competitive orthodontic and dental industry, and a product that is seen as a commodity, you WIN through your team’s ability to deliver top-notch customer service AND describe your practice in remarkable ways.

Watch your patient no-shows drop as your new patient’s motivation and interest in your practice climbs! Your receptionist will set the stage where the patient enters your practice with anticipation and excitement to say yes… today! This New Patient Group course will train your team on sales fundamentals, customer service verbiage, edification and value-building skills, and objection handling strategies. Let’s get started!

  • Preparing for Success - Part 1

  • Preparing for Success - Part 2

  • Preparing for Success - Part 3

  • What Exceptional Looks Like - Mystery Call Examples

  • Recipe for Same Day Starts - The Three Strategies to Accomplish on Every New Patient Phone Call

  • 6 Steps to the New Patient Phone Call

  • 3 Steps to Overcoming Price Inquiries

  • Responses to the Most Common & Uncommon Phone Call Scenarios

  • Reducing No Show's and Late Cancellations

  • Introduction

  • Mistakes to Avoid

  • Taking Control on the Front End of the Call

  • Open Ended Questions - Part 1

  • Open Ended Questions - Part 2

  • How to "Force" an Answer

  • Review, Role Play, & Implementation

  • Exam - Taking Control

  • Introduction

  • Mistakes to Avoid

  • Making an Excellent First Impression

  • The Importance of Consistency

  • Placing Patients on Hold

  • Cross Training

  • Becoming the Expert

  • Positive Connotation

  • Politeness

  • Addressing Patients

  • Communication Skills - Part 1

  • Communication Skills - Part 2

  • Communication Skills - Part 3

  • Review, Role Play & Implementation

  • Exam - 5 Star Customer Service

  • Introduction

  • Mistakes to Avoid

  • Speaking the Consumer Language

  • Building Rapport

  • Importance of "Selling" You

  • The 6 Edification Topics of Practice Success

  • The Value Proposition Exercise

  • Review, Role Play & Implementation

  • Exam - Creating Value

  • Introduction

  • VIP Greeting

  • Identifying the Caller

  • Taking Control

  • Dual Option Close

  • Data Capture

  • Confirmation & Education

  • Review, Role Play & Implementation

  • Exam - 6 Steps to the New Patient Phone Call

  • Introduction

  • Mistakes to Avoid

  • Positive Connotation

  • Value Proposition

  • Clinical Education

  • Clinical Education Exercise

  • Willingness to Say Good-Bye

  • Review, Role Play & Implementation

  • Exam - Overcoming Pricing Inquiries

  • Introduction

  • Mistakes to Avoid

  • Insurance Positive Connotation

  • Practice Edification

  • Insurance Edification

  • Review, Role Play & Implementation

  • Exam - Handling Insurance Inquiries

  • Testing that covers all 7 hours and 22 minutes of on demand video.


8.5 Hours of on-demand video training content that is yours to keep forever!

Receive full access via any internet connected device for convenient learning!

Receive more than 6 printable scripts & advanced flowcharts!

Online testing & progress tracking for accountability and better implementation!

Receive 3 private online coaching sessions exclusive to your practice and team!

Private online coaching session are recorded and provided to you!

Brian Wright

Founder & CEO New Patient Group.

“Brian Wright is a combination of the team from Shark Tank and
Marcus Lemonis from The Profit.”
– Dr. Staci Frankowitz

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