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Three Ways to Ensure your Strategies Succeed

A course dedicated to teaching how to become a master at implementation. Dominate your competition by implementing strategies just like famous entrepreneurs.

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Eric Field

Chief Operational Officer of NPG

What you’ll Learn - Course Curriculum

  • Why do strategies so often fail?
  • Are you setup for success?
  • The 3 fundamental elements of effective implementation
  • Beliefs and Attitudes
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • What’s your Why?
  • Let’s chat about Culture Killers
  • What attitude / personality types undermine your culture?
  • Personalities and attitudes to build your team upon
  • Red light / Green light, employee culture activity
  • Keys to improve beliefs and attitudes
  • You are the CEO!
  • Why are leaders (beyond yourself) important?
  • Identifying leaders
  • What should you expect of leaders?
  • Creating a leadership structure
  • An absolute must of team leaders
  • In the absence of communication…
  • How to improve organizational communication
  • Operational Success Meetings

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