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"We believe competition has created a new economy by forever changing the skill-sets needed by clinicians, office managers and employees to best grow the business aspects of the practice. Therefore, we created a program focused on running a better business, achieving employee greatness and creating an online buzz that will keep your competition forever playing catchup." 

Brian Wright - Founder & CEO

Hello, New Patient Group Nation. Brian Wright, here.  I am the Founder & CEO of New Patient Group and the host of the New Patient Group Podcast.  We exist because I believe clinicians and their employees need a new voice on how to best grow the business, consumer and marketing aspects of their practice.  


Competition is at the highest levels ever and will continue to increase. This has create a commodity in the mind of consumers as it pertains to dentistry, orthodontics and many other alternative specialties. Consumers have changed the way they find a business, how they decide whether or not to purchase from a business and what they expect in order to remain loyal to a business.  Simply put, people have choices and studies prove they are going to purchase from the business that offers the most unique experience. Remember, relationships come before financial results and there has never been a time where this rings more true.

In order to thrive in today's complex environment you and your team must master what makes up more than 80% of everything occurring at your practice. Business acumen, customer service, sales fundamentals, consumer psychology, hospitality, digital marketing content, presenting money, answering phones, new patient experience and more (the list is almost endless).  These critical skill-sets have little to nothing to do with dentistry, orthodontics, etc.  However, they have everything to do with creating unique experiences via every interaction someone has with your business.  

These "commercial" strategies are what my team and I specialize in here at New Patient Group.  We create fans of your practice rather than just patients.  We create lasting relationships through unique experiences via every touchpoint any one person has with your business.  Whether that be working with you to ensure you operate the best business possible.  Whether that be ensuring you have the finest trained employees.  Whether that be helping you create the finest, most customized digital marketing presence imaginable.  Possibly it is all of the above in order to create the finest patient journey from acquisition, to conversion, to referrals.  We specialize in creating an experience that is forever memorable.  The result?  People call, buy and refer to you at higher levels which simultaneously reduces the need for outside advertising.  That is something I have watched our clients do for years both in and out of healthcare.  Grow at record levels, more than double cash flow and spend far less than the competition they are crushing.

Together, we can create something special. Something memorable. We look forward to hearing from you, learning more about your organization and here's to your success.


Brian Wright

A Comprehensive Program to

Increase Revenue

​Increase New Patients

​Reduce Overhead

​​Increase Profitability

​Improve Culture

​Improve Staff Performance

​Increase Value Prop.

​Improve Business Acumen

​Increase Referrals

​Outperform Competition

​Improve Compliance

​Improve Communication

​​Reduce Stress

Improve Efficiency

​In the community