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A Culture Building, Employee Training & Digital Marketing Event that will forever change your business!

You and your team are invited to join international motivational speaker, celebrity business and life coach, Brian Wright, and his team of esteemed VIP Coaches.

Where you Would Have Seen Brian and His Team




& Culture







Learn how to apply Brian’s famous, “THREE PILLARS OF BUSINESS SUCCESS” to skyrocket your practice growth. Learn the same business and marketing principles utilized by Walt Disney and other famous companies and entrepreneurs to forever dominate your competition in the new economy.

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Experience any or all of the following challenges?

If you answer yes to any of the following, you and your team need to attend this event

  • Stagnated Growth (Less than 15% per year)
  • Loss of Revenue, Cash Flow and/or Profitability
  • Decreased Same Day Starts
  • Increase in Price Shoppers
  • Reduced Treatment Acceptance
  • Reduced New Patients
  • Reduced Referrals
  • Reduced Clear Aligner Starts
  • Lack of In-Office Digital Workflow
  • Subpar Employee Experience
  • Subpar Patient Experience
  • Poor Culture/Leadership
  • Trouble Getting Employees to Follow Systems
  • What the workshop covers

    Leadership & Culture

    • Creating the VIP Employee Experience

    • Becoming First in Line

    • Embracing the Change

    • Becoming Sticky (Learn to be a master of implementation)

    • Be a Champion of Culture

    • Thinking Differently About Job Descriptions & Employee Bonusing

    • How Famous Companies View and Track Stats Differently Than Everyone Else

    What You’ll Learn

    Employee Performance

    • Communication

    • Consumer Psychology

    • Culture

    • Customer Service

    • Efficiency

    • Handling Complaints

    • Digital Marketing

    • New Patient Experience (In-Office Consults)

    • Exam Room & Digital Workflow

    • Financial Presentation

    • Existing Patient Experience (In-Office Consults)

    • Overcoming Objections

    • Presentation

    • Sales Fundamentals

    • Self-Discipline & Motivation

    • Time Management

    • Verbiage

    • New Patient Phone Call

    • New Patient Experience (Virtual Consults)

    • Clear Aligner Growth

    • Pending Treatment Followup

    • Existing Patient Experience (Virtual Exams)

    What You’ll Learn

    Learn How to Apply the Above Skill-Sets to Every Consumer Touchpoint.

    Digital Marketing

    1. Brand Generation - How to generate a brand that attracts quality patients ready to buy
    2. Content is King - Why creating custom content is so important, what content to create and how to create it.
    3. The Power of Video - How to use YouTube Video Marketing to attract new patients
    4. Understanding your platform - What to post, how to post and when to post
    5. Creating the K,L,T Factor - The most important marketing lesson you will ever learn
    6. Reversing your Brand - Learn how large companies dominate in this area and how to do it in your community
    7. The Power of Internal Marketing - Grow your social media presence using these essential tips inside your doors.
    8. Websites that Convert - Conversion tips that get people to call and schedule

    What You’ll Learn

    In Other Words

    Let's have a chat and learn more about your business to help customize the right services for you.

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