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Avoiding the Biggest Mistake Private Practices Make When Selling to Corporations

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In the fast-paced world of orthodontics, where family-owned practices face the reality of corporate buyouts, Brian Wright’s latest podcast episode brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight. Wright, a former CEO of a plastic surgery corporation, unpacks the critical aspects of selling a practice, the importance of maintaining quality, and the value of embracing an entrepreneurial mindset.

Navigating the sale of a family-owned practice is a delicate endeavor. The biggest mistake, according to Wright, is not recognizing the value that comes from a mindset shift and coachability. These elements can transform potential problems into lucrative assets. Wright’s experience as a CEO gave him an insider’s view of how corporations target practices making these mistakes, a perspective he generously shares to help private practices stand their ground.

The episode also celebrates the success of the NPG Iconic event, an orthodontic industry gathering that has set a new benchmark for such events. With a focus on providing attendees with actionable insights and personal attention, Wright emphasizes the significance of the event and invites listeners to participate in the upcoming iteration.

A significant portion of the conversation is dedicated to the future, shedding light on new initiatives and upcoming events. One of the most anticipated is the CEO fireside chat featuring Dr. Bob Skopek of Skopek Orthodontics, promising to deliver candid business discussions. This segment will be available as a podcast, allowing a broader audience to benefit from the valuable insights.

In addition, the introduction of ‘Thursday Thoughts’ by the digital marketing team stands out as a highlight. This weekly wisdom aims to elevate online presence, a critical component in today’s digital-first world. Wright shares his pride in the digital marketing services his team offers, emphasizing their personalized approach and the culture of excellence they’ve cultivated.

Running a business comes with its share of trials and tribulations, and Wright does not shy away from discussing these. He recounts his experiences at New Patient Group, focusing on the siren call of short-term fixes versus the long-term strategic approach. The importance of delegation and trust is highlighted as a salvation for business owners, preventing burnout and fostering growth.

The orthodontic industry, like any other, requires a strategic approach to investment and a keen eye for quality. Wright cautions against the allure of quick fixes and cheap solutions, advocating for investment in reputable coaches and effective digital marketing strategies. He draws parallels between business practices and stock market strategies, noting the value of investing during downturns.

As the episode draws to a close, Wright calls upon professionals to seek out coaching and develop strategic business approaches. This, he believes, is the key to transforming the sale of a practice from an act of desperation to a crowning achievement. The message is clear: with perseverance and the right mindset, the journey of business ownership can lead to profound success.

In summary, Brian Wright’s podcast episode is a trove of strategic insights for orthodontic professionals looking to navigate the complexities of practice sales and corporate takeovers. It is a call to action for those seeking to master the art of business and emerge victorious in an industry undergoing rapid transformation.

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