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Revolutionize Your Brand

Skyrocket your culture, new patients, starts, revenue and
referrals by transforming employee and patient experiences.
“Since I became involved with NPG I’ve changed the way I look at the new and existing patient experiences … All of it and for the better.”
- Dr. Marc Olsen
New Patient Group

Why Choose Us?

Our transformative program encompasses a full suite of marketing and coaching services that help revolutionize every aspect of your culture, your team, and your business. Regardless of where you are in your journey, we will personalize a program specific to your wants, needs, and desires.
-- Brian Wright

Our Clients

From orthodontists who started their practice yesterday, to the most well-known names in orthodontics, we have created a cult following of forward-thinking superfans!

NPG Iconic

Be prepared to come outside your comfort zone with the most disruptive, innovative and forward-thinking event you and your team will ever attend! Revolutionize your life, career and the business side of your practice in three days in the gorgeous Colorado Springs area!

Innovation in the industry

Live Bootcamps

Transformative bootcamps provide live coaching, role play sessions, personalized feedback for improvement and discussion topics in a smaller online group environment. These live, online coaching sessions cover a variety of forward thinking topics that will help revolutionize employee skill-sets and help your practice in a variety of areas!

Grow Your Practice

Online Courses to Buy

Grow your practice from the convenience of any internet device. Keep the course you purchase for life to help automate and reduce the burden of training new hires and existing employees. Invest in an array of forward-thinking courses that will help revolutionize every aspect of your business.

Popular Courses for Purchase

Modernize & Advance

Digital Marketing

Regardless of where you are in your practice journey, our consumer experts will personalize a digital marketing plan that builds and maintains a dominant brand. With a customer-first culture, the finest attention to detail, and a personalized approach that’ll make you feel we work inside your practice … Let us bring the future of digital marketing to help you grow today!

Transform Your Business

Practice Consulting

Transform your life, career, and business by working closely with our Founder & CEO, and COO on a private, ongoing basis. Our forward-thinking coaching programs are personalized to each client to ensure you achieve your wants, needs, and desires. Choose between online coaching sessions, on-site coaching sessions, or both.

Private Client Successes

In the Last 12 Months Our Private Clients Have Realized:

New Patients
Increased Same
Day Starts
Increased Clear
Aligner Growth
Advertising Costs
New Episodes Monthly

Welcome to the New Patient Group Podcast

Our Partners

NPG is not only trusted by the finest clinicians in the industry but we are also a speaker, consultant and/or referral partner with the finest companies in the industry.

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Let’s have a chat and learn more about your business to help customize the right services for you.

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