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NPG Bootcamps for Orthodontic Practices
Orthodontic Bootcamps

Critical Skills to Grow Your Practice & Deliver a Stellar Patient Experience

New Patient Group’s Bootcamp programs are a short-term, highly engaging learning environment for orthodontic teams ready to engage and implement new techniques for success! They are the perfect place to boost your team’s confidence as they learn, practice, and receive feedback.

Here at New Patient Group, we bring “out-of-health-care” skills into the orthodontic practice environment. The same concepts that make the biggest brands famous can have the same impact on your small business practice: hospitality, customer service, communication, and sales delivery. It’s time to think differently and break away from the same old orthodontic practice model!

Trusted By Clinicians and Companies Worldwide

NPG is not only trusted by the finest clinicians in the industry but we are also a speaker, consultant and/or referral partner with the finest companies in the industry.

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Upcoming Orthodontic Bootcamps

New Patient Group Bootcamps

How Your Receptionist is Your New TC

Turn your receptionist into a conversion machine to help reduce no-shows and increase same-day treatment acceptance.

New Patient Group Bootcamps

The Art
of Bragging

Your team will learn the essential skill of presenting your practice with value, separating you from your competition!

New Patient Group Bootcamps

Transform Your Treatment Coordinator Into A Financial Expert

Gain insight into the consumer buying process to increase both your new patient conversion rate and cash flow!

New Patient Group Bootcamps

Mastering the New Patient Experience

Learn how to go beyond the expected and teach your team to deliver a one of a kind new patient experience!

Meet Our Coaches

Get to Know Your Bootcamp Coaches

In our Bootcamp sessions, you will work directly with New Patient Group’s leadership team, featuring CEO Brian Wright and COO Eric Field.  Together, they will help you create a unique patient journey and empower you to present your practice in a one-of-a-kind way. Patients will see you and your team as the very best option for care, taking price shoppers and converting them into value buyers!  New Patient Group is highly regarded for creating a unique patient experience as team members greatly improve their communication skills, with a more powerful value proposition and sales skills that bring your patients along the buying process.  Your team will learn how to leverage consumer psychology to positively influence your new patient acquisition, loyalty, and referrals.

Your New Patient Group Bootcamp coach will engage each participating team member with role-play situations and provide constructive feedback to improve delivery and effectiveness. Bootcamp sizes are managed to be sure every attendee can participate and work on a path toward growth and development.

Brian 2024 Headshot 1

Brian Wright

Founder & CEO, New Patient Group

“Brian Wright is a combination of the team from Shark Tank and Marcus Lemonis from The Profit.

– Dr. Staci Frankowitz

Eric Field

COO & Lead Installation Coach, New Patient Group

“I would not be where I am in my professional career without New Patient Group. Eric Field has truly helped to elevate me professionally.“

– Dr. Sarina Harman-Tinnel

Eric Field - COO & Lead Installation Coach, New Patient Group
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