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A personalized coaching approach that redefines, reinvents and reimagines what the successful practice looks like in the new economy.
Private Clients

More Than a Consultant - We are an Integral Part of Your Team

Every person and every practice is on their own unique journey to achieve what they themselves define as success. It is our job to guide you through that journey and be the architect that brings it all together. Private clients receive far beyond consulting. They receive a team of coaches who guide them through the ups and downs of their business and life journey.

Whether you just bought a practice, are someone who already has a dominant presence in your community, or are somewhere in between, we will work with you to customize a plan to ensure you achieve exactly what you are striving for. Every private client works directly with our Founder and CEO, along with our entire team of VIP Coaches.

Business & Life Coaching

Ensure your business is functioning in a way that allows you to get what you want out of your life. To be your best clinically and from a business owner’s perspective your life must be in order… and vice versa. We want you to be the best version of yourself and we know how to transform your entrepreneur, business, implementation, culture-building, and leadership abilities. Learn to look at your numbers and how to bonus differently than ever before. We also know how to grow your business while strengthening the relationships you have with your spouse, kids, and other important relationships in your life. This aspect of our coaching also helps tie together all the moving parts we as business owners face in order for you to operate a smooth, efficient, and profitable business so your practice thrives!

Team Training

Transform your employee performance and take your patient experience, treatment starts, and organic referrals to breathtaking new levels! Advanced training focuses on sales, customer service, hospitality, verbiage, and presentation skill sets integral in converting today’s consumer into treatment.

Learn how to apply those advanced skill sets as we dive deep into the new patient phone call, patient experience, digital workflow, tc and doctor exam process, clear aligner growth, financial presentation, and so much more! Skyrocket your same-day starts, overall conversion, cash flow, and organic referrals, while lowering/eliminating unnecessary advertising costs.

Video Marketing & Professional Videography

Reserved only for our Private Clients. Utilize the power of video to increase your new patients, same-day starts, and overall conversion. Also, use the power of video to enhance the experience for you and your team by not having to repeat yourself ever again. Watch your online presence skyrocket as private clients receive YouTube video marketing as well as our white glove service that works closely with you to build out all of your office training into an automated video training curriculum. This will end the need to repeat yourself, take your employee training experience to exceptional levels, and help lessen employee onboarding headaches for you and your team.

The NPG MasterMind Group

An advanced business, clinical, and marketing mastermind with some of the most respected names in healthcare. As a private client, you receive full access that includes a private Slack channel chat thread, one online group session monthly, peer-to-peer clinical mentoring, and one in-person event a year This forward-thinking group helps each other with all facets of both the clinical and business sides of the practice. You are who you surround yourself with, and if you want to be around a forward-thinking group that is always looking ahead… this group is for you!

Growth Numbers Most Only Dream About

In the last 12 Months, our Clients have Averaged a:

New Patients
Increase in
Clear Aligner Starts
Increase in
Same Day Signed Contracts
Advertising Costs

Private Clients Receive

Our Founder & CEO

Work closely with our Founder & CEO, Brian Wright.

VIP Coaching Team

Work closely with an assigned VIP Coaching Team.

NPG MasterMind Group

Receive full access to our MasterMind Group that includes 10 online sessions a year and one in person event.

Office Automation

Receive full access to our Office Automation Platform to automate your business and reduce headaches.

On-Site Private Sessions

Receive two on-site private coaching sessions at your practice with you and your team every year.

Founder & CEO's House

Receive one weekend stay at our Founder & CEOs house in Houston, Texas.

Online Private Sessions

Receive 15 online private coaching sessions with you and your team every year.

Professional Videographers

Receive on-site professional shoots to create your own video based training curriculum. We edit all the content and its yours to keep.

Video Marketing

YouTube is the new Google and we make sure you dominate it. We manage your YouTube station, post videos and optimize it for search engine purposes.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media team coaches you what to post, when to post and how to post it. Take your online presence to new heights and engage your patients where they are.

On-Demand & Workshops

You receive access to all of our on-demand video courses (over 250 hours) as well as our online and in-person workshops.

No Long Term Contracts!

With a 98% client retention rate who needs them! Feel confident we will do the job without be locked into long term agreements.

Our Partners

NPG is not only trusted by the finest clinicians in the industry but we are also a speaker, consultant and/or referral partner with the finest companies in the industry.

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