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The Most Disruptive, Innovative, and Forward Thinking Event in Orthodontics!

“This is the best event I have ever attended in orthodontics or anywhere else. My team and I transformed!”
-- Dr. Nayak

September 26-28, 2024 | The Lodge at Flying Horse | Colorado Springs, CO

Revolutionize your

Life, Career, and Business in 3 Unforgettable Days!

September 26-28, 2024 | The Lodge at Flying Horse | Colorado Springs, CO
January 16-18, 2025 | The Lodge at Flying Horse | Colorado Springs, CO

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Who is NPG Iconic For?

If you are looking for just another feel-good event in orthodontics …This is NOT that!

This event is for orthodontists, office managers, team leads, and employees looking to step outside their comfort zones and learn transformative methods for personal and professional growth. It’s tailored for entrepreneurs seeking advice beyond orthodontics, and professionals aiming to refine leadership skills, attract talent, and advance careers. The focus of NPG Iconic is on enhancing patient compliance, cultivating loyalty, and maximizing joy in business. Join us if you’re eager to reimagine your approach to your orthodontic practice and are committed to continuous learning with a people-first mindset!

-- Brian Wright
We can’t wait to see you in the audience!
NPG Iconic - New Patient Group

Topics Covered

Creating SuperFans rather than Customers

Creating and Transforming Customer/Patient Relationships

Social Media Transformation

Verbiage & Presentation Training

Customer Experience

Consumer Psychology Training

Company Branding Transformation

Transforming Patient Compliance

YouTube Video Marketing

Hospitality Training

Team Transformation - Leadership & Culture

Sales Training

Efficiency & Time Management Training

Brian Wright is a combination of Marcus Lemonis from the Profit and the entire Shark Tank Team.
-- Dr. Stacy Frankowitz

Why NPG Iconic?

“NPG Iconic” is a special event hosted by New Patient Group. You’ll join a select group of innovative businesses, including yours. Instead of getting lost in a big crowd, you’ll receive personalized coaching and feedback tailored to your needs. You’ll actively engage in role plays and discussions with speakers and other forward-thinking companies, making the experience both interactive and enriching.



Your Practice

In contrast, typical events offer little personal attention. You might feel like just another face in the crowd, barely engaging with speakers and shuffling from one place to another without much benefit. Afterwards, it’s back to the same routine with no meaningful change.

At NPG Iconic, we prioritize giving you the personal attention you need for lasting transformation in your life, career, and business. We specialize in understanding people, just like your practice does. Our expertise goes beyond your industry, helping you apply it to every aspect of your business. If you’re ready for tangible change and a brighter future, we’re excited to welcome you to our events!

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Get to Know Your NPG Iconic Coaches

NPG Iconic is led by some of the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs, team builders, consumer experts, and marketing geniuses in the world.

Brian 2024 Headshot 1

Brian Wright

Founder & CEO, New Patient Group

“Brian Wright is a combination of the team from Shark Tank and Marcus Lemonis from The Profit.

– Dr. Staci Frankowitz

Eric Field

COO & Lead Installation Coach, New Patient Group

“I would not be where I am in my professional career without New Patient Group. Eric Field has truly helped to elevate me professionally.“

– Dr. Sarina Harman-Tinnel

Eric Field - COO & Lead Installation Coach, New Patient Group
David Martin, Director of Social Media

David Martin

Director of Social Media, New Patient Group

“David is so encouraging and positive. Such a pleasure to work with. Can’t wait to see what other fun ideas he has for us!”

–  Nicole Nayak DDS, Hawaiian Smiles Orthodontics

Haley Shaw-Jeffry

Vice President of Digital Marketing, New Patient Group

“As the operations manager for West Family Orthodontics, we are so grateful for all the help that Haley and Eric give to us! The website looks fabulous and we receive many compliments on how up to date it looks.”

– Caitlin DeMars, West Family Orthodontics

Haley Shaw-Jeffry - Vice President of Digital Marketing, New Patient Group

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