Where Exceptional Leadership
Creates an Unstoppable Culture

An advanced business and clinical mastermind designed to create,
grow and maintain your dream practice and life!

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Business, Clinical & Marketing Virtual Study Club

New Patient Group MasterMind - Brian Wright

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Where the Best Get Even Better

Trusted by the most respected names in healthcare and a client retention rate
of over 98% … The NPG Community just keeps getting stronger!


Leadership & Culture

Private Client

An advanced business and clinical mastermind designed to create,
grow and maintain your dream practice and life!

Work Exclusivity

Work exclusively with our founder and CEO

Staying With Founders

Two days stay at our founder and CEO's house in Houston, Texas

Get Away Event

Invite to our yearly NPG Doctor and Spouse three the getaway event (2022 we are headed to Napa Valley)


On site, All day call Jaron teambuilding workshop

Additional On Site

Additional on-site visits can be invested in as needed

Online Business

Six private online business leadership and culture training sessions

Online Interview

Online in Chloe interview sessions

Culture Analysis

Practice culture analysis with plan of actions

NPG University

Full access - NPG University


Full access - NPG Dr business and clinical mastermind & NPG Employee Mastermind

NPG Bootcamps

Full Access - NPG Bootcamps

NPG Innovate

Full Access - NPG Innovate

A Leadership Team’s Dream … Your Entire Business in One Place

Welcome to the most powerful, all-digital, platform that instantly lessens stress and headaches, while improving accountability, communication, efficiency, organization training, and profitability.

Unique Online Tools that Place your
Business on Growth Auto-Pilot

NPG U™ Training Curriculum

Receive over 300 hours of pre-embedded video training content and interactive employed testing

Digital employee checklist

Create your own fully customise digital employee checklist system and it automatically reassigns daily responsibilities

Communication centre

Centralise organise and customise employee and leadership team communication through Jed trades and individual messaging

Digital office Manuel

Document systems and protocols via video, pdf, audio files and more with fully digital and interactive office and employee manual

Digital task Manager

Increase efficiency by creating your own fully customized digital task scoreboard to assign tasks, projects and responsibilities.

Human Recources Suite

Recive unique online tools for better employee performance and automate your documentation as every employee keystroke is document automatically

Employee training curriculum

Create your own fully customised video based employee training curriculum with interactive testing

Progress tracking

Fully customisable data dragging Santander provost invaluable in size to employee performance by identifying weakness and building upon strengths.

NPG MasterMind™

New patient group business coaching clients receive exclusive access to this section that include video this training content for business owners

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