Clear Aligner Growth & Exam Room Innovation Course


The Orthodontist “Exam Room Innovation / Clear Aligner Growth Program” helps Orthodontic practices with their patient education, communication and overall cohesiveness regarding starting patients using technology and with clear aligners for the practice. The instructor for this course is Eric Field, COO of New Patient Group. Eric has worked with hundreds of practices regarding clear aligners and has been able to refine this course into best practices that increase case acceptance and efficient


What You’ll Learn - Course Curriculum

  • How best to use this course
  • Maximizing your Clear Aligner Starts
  • The Do’s & Don’ts of Clear Aligner Success
  • Getting your entire team on board
  • Understanding and Embracing Consumer Market Transitions
  • Reinventing your Business before it is too late
  • The law of diffusion of innovation
  • The power of visuals
  • Understanding the data
  • Excelling around the “neutral” patient
  • Preparing the patient for the same day start
  • Patient targeting and TC alignment
  • Maximizing your efficiency
  • 3D Scanning
  • Outcome simulation
  • Occlusogram
  • Digital scanning and workflow
  • Secret verbiage sauce to success … Using the “PCS”
  • Using words that work
  • Many, many role play examples
  • “Yeah, but … “ objection handling
  • Intro – Improve conversion through organization
  • Preparation
  • Communication
  • Digital Scanning
  • Financial Options
  • Digital Resources
  • Closing
  • The VIP patient interview
  • Flipping the narrative from cosmetic to clinical
  • The crescendo approach: prescribing treatment
  • Leveraging the benefits of clear aligners
  • Handling common parent objections
  • Earning the patient’s commitment
  • Trust Transfer: handing off from TC to doctor
  • Doctor Exam: efficient and effective!
  • Understanding today’s consumer habits
  • Embracing the dual close presentation
  • Treatment pricing vs. length of treatment
  • Chairside Assistant clear aligner skills
  • Trust Transfers: effectively delivering the patient from team member to team member
  • Invisalign Day Marketing Events
  • iTero Scanning to increase patient motivation to start today!
  • Empowering the chairside assistant
  • The Adult Orthodontic conversation: Doubling their motivation to start!

About the Coach

Eric Field​

Chief Operational Officer of NPG
230 Reviews
  • 40 Lessons
  • Time: 01:56:53 min

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