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How to Leverage Digital Marketing During Tax Season

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Our team members at New Patient Group are all gathering up their paperwork to prepare for tax season. As each of you organize your tax documents and plan meetings with your accountants, remember that tax season can actually work in your favor and can help you generate new patients!

Each of you has the unique opportunity to leverage some of our digital marketing strategies to show patients and potential patients that they can utilize their tax return to invest in their smile!

Our theme for 2024 is New Year, New Smile, and with that theme, we want to motivate our audience to invest their tax return money back into themselves. Remember to encourage self-love as you help your patients understand the value of orthodontic treatment and the impact it can have on their overall health. 

Reaching a New Target Audience 

Before you begin leveraging your digital media, think about your various audiences and generate social media posts with which each audience type can resonate. Your audiences are typically parents ready to purchase treatment for their children, but during tax time, your audience might consist of young millennials ready to get the smile of their dreams, single adults ready to change their oral health, or even business professionals looking to invest in their future smile. 

Now that you know your target audiences, get creative as you plan out your tax time social media posts. Design a series of graphics explaining the importance of orthodontic treatment and pair that with an explanation showcasing how simple it is to use your tax return for braces or Invisalign treatment. Film a series of videos detailing the orthodontic journey and its benefits, and highlight the fact that orthodontics is about so much more than aesthetics.

Continue using your voice on social media to educate your patients and to spark the interest of potential new patients, but allow the tax-time posts to influence audiences outside your typical scope. Encourage your new audiences to take their tax return money and spend it on themselves this year and to take their smile to the next level. 

Our team at NPG is already creating several tax return related posts for our clients, so each of them can capitalize on this unique season. If you’re already a NPG client, get ready for some awesome content. If you’re not yet a client of ours, feel free to utilize the strategies in this blog as you post to your social media. Reach out to us if you’re ready to have custom and timely content for your practice created by our team! We can’t wait to work with you and to show you the magic of New Patient Groups’s coaching and strategic digital marketing strategies.

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