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Welcome to 2024 – The Year You Fired Yourself


Have you ever considered the radical act of ‘firing yourself’ to jumpstart a transformation? That’s exactly where we begin this season, exploring not just career revitalization but diving into the nitty-gritty of orthodontics, healthcare, and the pursuit of freedom. In an unexpected twist, a chance meeting with my old flight instructor, Preston, serves as a springboard for discussing life’s unexpected stalls and how to handle them with finesse. This episode isn’t just about looking back but catapulting forward into a future where challenges are not just met but conquered with grace.

Leadership isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of thriving in tough times, as our patient group practices have shown by prioritizing fan creation over advertising. I’m also spilling the beans on our upcoming NPG iconic event in Colorado Springs, where transformation isn’t just promised—it’s inevitable. Plus, get ready for some high-impact collaborations, including my new role with the Invisalign faculty and a host of workshops set to infuse your practice with fresh innovation.

To wrap things up, we’ll discuss the importance of ditching the blame game in favor of accountability and continuous self-improvement. I’ll share stories reinforcing the value of patience, adaptability, and the rewards they bring. And as we sign off, know that your support fuels this journey we’re on together. So, go ahead and engage with us, leave those reviews, and let’s make 2024 a year of extraordinary growth and success.

What You’ll Learn:

Embarking on a new year often brings a reflection on past achievements and future goals. Our latest podcast episode delves into the essential themes of leadership, accountability, and growth, with a special focus on healthcare and professional development. As we navigate through the complexities of our careers and personal lives, the idea of ‘firing oneself’ might seem extreme, yet it holds a transformative power that can lead to success in unimaginable ways.

Leadership is more than just a concept; it drives thriving practices, especially in tumultuous economic climates. Our episode highlights how patient group practices have succeeded not by increasing advertising spend but by focusing on creating fans and improving the employee experience. These strategies not only enhance the reputation of a healthcare practice but also build a solid foundation for long-term success.

As we catapult into the future, innovation becomes an ally. The podcast discusses upcoming events and partnerships that promise to infuse healthcare practices with fresh perspectives and cutting-edge solutions. We discuss the exciting collaboration with Invisalign faculty and workshops designed to propel orthodontic practices forward. These are more than just events; they are catalysts for growth and professional development that resonate with the healthcare community.

In the quest for continuous improvement, our podcast emphasizes the importance of accountability. Rather than playing the blame game, it encourages professionals to seek feedback and engage in self-improvement actively. It’s about owning successes and failures and using them as stepping stones to excellence. By doing so, we not only elevate our practices but also our personal lives, leading to rewards that extend far beyond the confines of our offices.

Furthermore, the podcast explores the significance of personal growth within the business context. It stresses the need to let go of negative influences and embrace a proactive approach to development. The episode provides practical insights into overcoming common professional excuses and reimagining operational strategies for efficiency and effectiveness.

In discussing the challenges of business decision-making, the podcast draws from real-life scenarios in the orthodontic industry. It underscores that often, the issues we face such as poor conversion rates and customer service, are the results of our own decisions. By adopting rational decision-making and steady leadership, we can address these issues head-on and steer our practices toward success.

Running a successful company involves seeking feedback, investing in training, and maintaining a long-term vision. The episode discusses the costly mistakes of making hasty decisions and the benefits of being coachable. It highlights how leadership and effective communication can impact a business’s growth trajectory, ultimately leading to a prosperous and rewarding future.

The episode concludes by stressing the power of personal decisions in shaping success. As we look ahead to 2024, setting a clear vision and making continuous changes are paramount. The discussion encourages an infinite-minded approach, adaptability, and the pursuit of quality marketing to overcome any obstacles, including a downturn in the economy.

In summary, this podcast episode serves as a beacon for those seeking to reinvent themselves for success in 2024. It calls upon healthcare professionals and leaders to embrace change, take accountability, and commit to lifelong learning. With these guiding principles, the path to growth and freedom in the professional world becomes not only attainable but inevitable.

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