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The Art of Bragging

Truly Impress Your Customer Through Value-Based Communication

Session 1 Begins April 12, 2024 at 10:00am CST

NPG Orthodontic Bootcamps

The Art of Bragging

Too often we think the best way to grow the practice is through external marketing, branding, and professional referrals. While these are important, the most important marketing tool starts inside the walls of your practice… with your team’s ability to effectively communicate. From the doctor to every role in the practice, there is an incredible opportunity to improve your team’s ability to wrap your practice brand with value verbiage, that makes your brand stand out from all others!

This NPG Bootcamp, affectionately called “The Art of Bragging”, is appropriate for any member of the team. As the patient navigates their way through your practice journey, from the initial phone call to the in-office visit, through treatment to completion, the patient encounters so many team members. Are those people prepared to edify you and your practice in a manner that helps the patient realize they truly are in the best place and your story is worth sharing with others?

Coach Eric Field is an expert communicator, who will help your team build skills to make the power of your value message stronger and mean more to the listener. You’ll work on leveraging consumer psychology strategically into your communication, helping your patient to connect more deeply.  Ultimately, every step of the consumer journey is positively impacted, from acquisition to conversion to loyalty and referrals.

Sign up for this 3 part bootcamp and develop new skills and confidence to strengthen your practice brand and earn new levels of success!

The Art of Bragging Bootcamp Sessions

Note: All sessions start at 10:00 am CST

What's Included in This Bootcamp

Your Art of Bragging Bootcamp registration includes three 1-hour comprehensive coaching sessions for you and up to five (5) members of your team. Sessions begin at 10:00 am CST on the following dates: 4/12, 4/26, and 5/10.

Skills To Learn

3 x 1-Hour Live, Comprehensive Online Coaching Sessions
Only $1500
YouTube recording of the live coaching session
Group discussion, role play examples, and personal feedback for improvement

What's My Investment?

The total cost for the Art of Bragging Bootcamp is $1500. Your registration fee includes all of the above as well as access for yourself and up to five members of your team. 

Meet Your Bootcamp Coach

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Coach Eric Field - New Patient Group
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