Digital Marketing and Consulting for Orthodontists

How to Leverage Digital Marketing During Tax Season


Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay up to date with all the amazing content we’re creating every week!   Our team members at New Patient Group are all gathering up their paperwork to prepare for tax season. As each of you organize your tax documents and plan meetings with your accountants, […]

How to be the Most Valuable Team Player in Your Practice

Most Valuable Team Player

How to be the Most Valuable Team Player in Your Practice Think of your orthodontic or dental practice as a championship-winning basketball team, with each member of the team contributing a vital piece to the team’s overall success. Each position is necessary in order to achieve victory, from the coach, to the point guard, to […]

Welcome to 2024 – The Year You Fired Yourself


Description:   Have you ever considered the radical act of ‘firing yourself’ to jumpstart a transformation? That’s exactly where we begin this season, exploring not just career revitalization but diving into the nitty-gritty of orthodontics, healthcare, and the pursuit of freedom. In an unexpected twist, a chance meeting with my old flight instructor, Preston, serves as […]

Three Payment Plan Strategies to Unlock More Clear Aligner Cases


The world of orthodontics is quickly changing and improving, and you can no longer solely rely on being the best clinician in your area. In order to win potential patients over, your practice has to provide a better experience than your competition. For your patients, a large part of their experience is based on finances. […]

Twisted Thinking: Labeling

When you think about labeling, you might think about the classic high school labels conveyed in popular movies such as the jocks, the outcasts, the popular kids, the rebels, the overachievers, etc. In each example, a label is placed on a teenager or group of teens based on one fact about them. The teen plays […]

The Most Ironic Thing About Thing About Your Non-Compliant Patients

Most of you have probably dealt with a non-compliant patient at least once in your time as an orthodontist or dentist. When you prescribe a patient specific treatment, treatment that you customized for their unique smile, in order to give them the smile of their dreams, and they are non-compliant for no good reason, it […]

The Power of the Framing Effect

The Power of the Framing Effect

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I should really start eating healthier,” or “Man, I’d like to lose a little weight,”or anything similar that caused you to pay closer attention to the nutritional value of your food? Now food companies know we all do this at some point, so they really play into appearing like […]

The 4 Essentials to Exceptional Online Marketing Content 

Part 3: Be Engaging Now that you are posting relevant and relatable content, you probably have more patients and future patients interacting with your content on social media. This is a huge accomplishment and that relevant and relatable content is going to win over some new patients and help to keep your current patients informed. […]

Why your Receptionist is your New Treatment Coordinator

Why your Receptionist is your New Treatment Coordinator

At your orthodontic or dental practice, your receptionist is often the first point of contact for most patients. Traditionally, the main purpose of their job was to greet patients in the office, answer the phones, and schedule appointments. But with the growth in this industry, their job has become so much more. Your receptionist plays […]

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